Some Folks Are Hollow

Being above politics has not insulated me from the annoyance and frustration politicians bring. No one has done less for my sense of well-being than the mop-haired back and front that just dodged a bullet. There was a time his humour and haircut amused, but all that disappeared when I realised it was just a tactic from megalomaniacs 101 – for pulling the wool over public eyes. Trump, Savile and Boris are all testaments to that.

A newsreader told me Boris would survive his no-confidence vote if he channelled his inner Churchill. Well, he might have written a book about the great man. But to me, they are chalk and cheese. Under Churchill, people gave their lives to save our freedoms. In a betrayal against those who fought and died in the world wars, Boris took away those freedoms to save lives. And in doing so went against everything I thought my country stood for.

All this puts me in the minority, again. Personality above principles is a sign of the times. The jubilee showed us that. Footage of a solid gold carriage containing a hologram of a waving queen had a poetry to it, especially with human hands waving back. I know getting rid of him won’t undo the harm. Or give me back the right to live and work in 27 countries. But it would have raised a wry smile.

“Some folks are hollow. Got no tomorrow. Happiness can neither beg, steal or borrow.”

– Ian Brown

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