No Jubilee For Me

As my newsfeeds filled up with jubilee mania, I felt the urge to offer some sort of antidote. It’s not that I’m against Er Maj. We’ve got a lot in common. We’re both above politics. And I too would like a day at the races to count as work. As heads of state go, we could’ve had a lot worse. And I’ve got used to the posh accent and seeing her boat race on the old spondulicks. I can even forgive her for using her ill-gotten gains to pay off the Doris that accused her boy of being a sex pest. And if the German accents go back on behind closed doors, it doesn’t bother me.

What I am against is the principle of hereditary power. And the divine right to rule. Our so-called betters really sold us down the river with that undemocratic nonsense. I realise I am probably ahead of my time on this, but I’m not in bad company. Johnny Rotten, Johnny Marr, Morrissey, Ian Brown, Robert Smith, David Bowie, Paul Weller, Danny Boyle, Honor Blackman, Russell Brand, Micky Flanagan, and Slowthai all feel similar. So today, my patriotism is not with the pomp and pageantry. It’s with the achievements and ambitions of the British people.

Now pass me a slice of Victoria sponge…

Or maybe, I’m just influenced by the music I listen to.

4 thoughts on “No Jubilee For Me”

  1. I have family in the UK and I think for many coming out of lockdown, a celebration of any sort brings people together. But these things do run their course I believe. I am more concerned about the lack of leadership among our so-called politicians and fed up to the back teeth with this pollie talk! I would love a piece of that Victorian sponge too! Let them eat cake comes to mind.

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    1. Very true. After the last couple of years, and with the current crop of dreadful politicians, a celebration to lift spirits is what the country needs. Some would argue that our undemocratic queen has a more admirable sense of duty than the democratically elected prime minister. And despite my view that royal blood is as ordinary as yours and mine. When it comes to that direct comparison, they have a point.

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