Phnom Kulen Cambodia

That Was The Trip That Was [Video]

With the backpacking part of this trip done and dusted. I’ve been in a reflective mood and put together a montage of the journey so far.

Now it’s onto Melbourne where another new experience awaits – living and working in a foreign country. Is Australia really the land of Milk & Honey?


6 thoughts on “That Was The Trip That Was [Video]”

  1. Hi Ben & Angela How’s it going? Love the website – beautiful pictures. Has Angela developed a touch of the Miley Cyruses, though? Good luck in the next phase – Land of Milk and Honey? Let’s hope so! Now, I know you have a literary bent (!) so you need to dispel a prejudice engendered in me by a native of that land. In one of the “Audiences with Dame Edna” someone asked why it was that Australia were so adept in the sporting arena. After a momentary pause Edna replied “The complete lack of any cultural diversions.” Funnily enough Sue’s Mum & Dad, who are currently visiting her brother in Sydney, are taking a trip to Melbourne this coming week for their anniversary. All the best and we will continue to follow with interest. Love Sam, Sue, Felix & Tabitha Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 17:12:39 +0000 To:


    1. G’day Cornelius’. Great to hear from you. Glad you like the blog. I shall endeavour to keep it interesting, but if Dame Edna’s right that might be difficult. I like that quote, might have to work it into a blog post somehow – cheers Sam.

      Now you mention it, I can see the similarities… Angela’s always played to the camera. At first it was a simple V sign. Now it’s progressed to sticking her tongue out. I can only assume a full on Cyrus twerk is next!

      Hope all’s well with you and you’re surviving the stormy winter. We arrive in Melbourne on Thursday so may bump into Sue’s parents. I’ll keep an eye out for any Sue-like tourists ;) Love A&B. X


  2. Alright benj,

    Hello buddy, hope you are both wonderful and having an amazing time out there or down there I should say! Just wanted to say how good the last blog I’ve received was and how fantastic your time away is looking. As always written with your own unique style that is very easy on the eye, it was great to watch too-seems a long time we all gathered at the Stoneham to say ta ta!

    I hope the next chapter is as amazing as the first, although we are missing you both I hope you take it in the right way when I say don’t come back yet, your missing nothing but cold weather rain and floods of almost biblical proportions(well maybe not that bad, but it’s crap)

    Lastly big up the Jim Croce, listening to it just now on Sunday morning and we love it!

    Love to Angela and yourself, take care, stay safe and enjoy!

    Kev and Mand. Xx

    Sent from my iPad



    1. You can’t whack a bit of Croce on a Sunday morning. A classic from 1973. Unfortunately it was curtains for Jim, shortly after that single was released. The plane he was in clipped a pecan tree at the end of the runway and he met similar fate to our old friend Mr. Denver.

      Great to hear from you Kev. Hope you both had a good Xmas & New Year and are enjoying life in your Shoreham abode. The BBC have been keeping me abreast of the floods and storms. I trust you’ve escaped the worst and your naval skills weren’t called upon.

      I like that photo at the Stoneham. I miss those nights out with you all… But I shall stop this reminiscing before the homesickness kicks in, and get back to some job hunting. I still need to convince the Aussies to employ me.

      Stay lucky old bean. Love to Mand. And don’t forget to… Keep… It… Real. Xx


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