Mosquito Island

Bored of Melaka and with a few days to kill before Singapore we weigh up a trip to Tioman Island. The weatherman tells us they’ll be rain all week, but Time magazine had it down as one of the world’s most beautiful islands (in the 1970s), so we ignore him.

20130924-101526.jpgBeing a city person married to a Doris whose usual reaction to downtime is to climb the walls, we head for Tekek – the “commercial hub” in the hope they’ll be something to keep us entertained if the weatherman’s right.

The guide book’s full of advice about trekking, diving, snorkelling, monkey spotting, you name it. But my project management training tells me to always assess the “do nothing” option. I fancy a few days on the beach with a book.

Tekek turns out to be just a concrete track with a few restaurants and guest houses (there is only one proper road on the island). The missus is not impressed, but her initial boredom subsides and we enjoy 3 days of glorious beach weather.

The only downside to this place is the mozzies (and sand flys), which are a pain in the jacksy. When I turn up it’s like new restaurant’s just opened and my white boy claret represents a new delicacy for them. They can’t get enough of it.


A wise man once told me, “if you’re in a place with mozzies, hit the gin & tonics”. Apparently they’re aversed to quinine (an ingredient of the tonic). I take the advice, but I’m unable to sustain my intake and the mosquitos scoff at such folly

I used to think the phrase “there’s no flies on you”, was invented for blokes like me. Unfortunately though, it’s no longer appropriate… Get me back to a city somebody please!


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