Borneo Done

A few of my favourites from the 17 nights we spent on Borneo.

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Where we stayed (nights)… Sabah; KK (3) -> Sandakan (2) -> Kinabalu Park (2) -> KK (2) -> Brunei; Bandar Seri Begawan (2) -> Sarawak; Miri (1) -> Kuching (5)

4 thoughts on “Borneo Done”

  1. Hey Ben! Your trip looks amazing – you must be having a whale of a time! We often think of you in our daily grind :)

    We’re considering going to Borneo – would you recommend?

    Love you to both xxx


    1. Hi Susie, good to hear from you. If you like nature and wildlife then Borneo’s well worth a visit. I especially enjoyed the orangutans, the caves and Mount Kinabalu. There’s plenty more outdoor trips to do, but I’m more suited to city life :)

      Hope all’s well with you. Xx


      1. Yeah, we’re fine – just jealous of you! Our planning for Borneo is moving up a level – your blog is really helpful in narrowing down what we’d like to do, and we hope to book something very soon. Your photos are amazing and your comments really make us smile :)


      2. Thanks Susie, you’re too kind. Glad you’re finding my ramblings useful :) Have a great time if you make it to Borneo (the rest of Malaysia is worth a visit too). Let us know how you get on, and happy to help if you’ve got any questions. Xx


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